Mall Eats: Mushroom Delight Pizza at Sbarro

Occasionally, mall food can surprise you. As does Sbarro, a chain of mall pizza outlets, which serves pizza by the slice. And it is one massive slice, almost equal to half a medium Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza. And delicious. My mushroom delight (Rs 101) not only had mushrooms, but olives, a healthy dose of... Continue Reading →


Mall Eats: Nellore Chicken Curry at Deccan Delicacies

You know mall food: same old, same old. This Nellore chicken curry (Rs 80) has barely the punch that Andhra curries typically have, and the phulkas (Rs 10 each) are so halka you’ll barely notice them as they go down. If you’re hoping this will be a good lunch, you’re wrong. But then, mall food... Continue Reading →

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