Awadhpuri, Ahmedabad

"It's cold," I whimpered. "Don't be lazy," my friend chided. "You've been hiding under those blankets for the last 48 hours. You'll soon be a fossil." "It's cold," I sniffled. "Get up. We are going to eat good, hearty Awadhi food. And I'm treating." And that's how I was motivated to emerge from under the... Continue Reading →


Buffet: Ji Hazoor

Step into this restaurant, and you feel like you have been transported to some Middle-Eastern palace, complete with chandeliers, beaded decoration and a red theme throughout. It starts feeling a bit tacky after a while, but as first impressions go, it's pretty impressive. The restaurant has both buffet and a la carte, but this being... Continue Reading →

Buffet: Rajdhani

My veggie friends are often annoyed when they go to buffets- they feel that non-vegetarians get more bang for the same buck. Chains like Rajdhani and South Indies are a boon to them, and also to people who would like a nice vegetarian meal now and then. On Makara Sankranthi, I picked the Rajdhani near... Continue Reading →

Buffet: Medici

The Medici family was one of the wealthiest families in Europe in the 14th century, courtesy their founding and control of the Medici Bank. The family produced four Popes and two regent queens of France, including Catherine de Medici, who presided over an era of civil and religious war in France. You should not draw... Continue Reading →

Buffet: Indijoes

Do not go for a buffet at Indijoes before a festival. We went for a team lunch the day before Varamahalakshmi Vratham, and the place was CROWDED. There were nearly five groups from different companies, and man oh man, wasn’t it a squeeze! We were lucky that we had booked an outside table; inside the... Continue Reading →

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