Celebrating at Out of the Blue

A friend's birthday dinner at Out of the Blue, Works well, be you a group of ten or two, There's cool funky lighting, And couches in the outdoor seating, And the menu is exhaustive too. We kicked off with some poppers of jalapeno and cheese, Which were spicy and creamy, as they should be, For... Continue Reading →


Go get lunch at Grandmama's Cafe, With your family, your besties or your bae, It's sunny and bright, like a Julie Andrews song, The food is colorful too, it'll just take you along. My grandmother's fish is what I like the best, But the Harissa fish skewers did pass the taste test. Delectable bites with... Continue Reading →


New Year resolutions are always meant to be broken, so I'm going to make a Diwali resolution instead - to pay more attention to this blog, and to spice things up here. Most restaurant reviews (in India at least) are like the diaries you write as a kid - I ate this and that and... Continue Reading →

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