About this blog:

This is not a restaurant review blog. This is a food review blog (yes, there is a difference). You’ll find some notes on the restaurants, of course, but more on the food- the taste, the flavors, the presentation, the value for money. This blog is for people who love to eat, who appreciate good food and look for new culinary experiences.

Currently, this blog focuses on food in Bangalore. I don’t have deep pockets to eat out every day, so I’ll be posting one review every Tuesday and Thursday. Some will be reviews of whole meals, some of a single dish. I’m no food snob, so you’ll find reviews of meals at five-star restaurants as well as neighborhood eateries.

About me:

I’m a foodie. That’s my only qualification to write this blog.

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Feedback is manna for this blog. Tell us what you think.

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