Crossroads 92, Mumbai


On some very rare days, I have the urge to do something. And then I drag myself out of bed and do something nuts. Like walk the length of Marine Drive, from one end of Chowpatty Beach to Nariman Point. And that makes me hungry. Incredibly hungry.

Crossroads 92 was where I went to satiate that hunger. A tiny place in Fort, the place was near empty when we arrived, with the musicians still tuning their guitars and checking the mikes. Which meant that we could enjoy a nice meal and conversation. Because, though the live music at Crossroads is nice, it overpowers everything else in the small place.


We started off with a Hakuna Matata, a mango based drink that was refreshing, but nothing too great. The fish and chips came with a wasabi mayo, in which, try as we did, we couldn’t distinguish the taste of wasabi. The fish was very good though, soft interior with a crunchy crust.


The other dish was a citrus glazed chicken. The citrus notes were subtle, as the chicken was quite spicy. I wonder why Indian restaurants have such a problem with spice-tempering – either it’s super bland or super spicy. However, we had the drink to cool down our palate. In all, a good meal, nice cozy ambiance.

You can check out more food photos on Instagram here.


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