Awadhpuri, Ahmedabad


“It’s cold,” I whimpered.

“Don’t be lazy,” my friend chided. “You’ve been hiding under those blankets for the last 48 hours. You’ll soon be a fossil.”

“It’s cold,” I sniffled.

“Get up. We are going to eat good, hearty Awadhi food. And I’m treating.”

And that’s how I was motivated to emerge from under the blankets and get dressed for a nice dinner at Awadhpuri. Located on the ‘restaurant road’ of Prahlad Nagar, the decor of the place is grand but not in-your-face showy, with muted gold lighting and blue mosaic walls. There is live music playing, folk renditions of popular old Hindi songs, which I quite enjoyed. We opted for the non-veg sit-down buffet, which seemed to have a good spread representative of the specialties of the restaurant.


The Murgh Peshawari Shorba arrived as a few pieces of boiled chicken in a soup dish, into which the waiter poured the broth, a decoction with a smoky peppery feel, which was just what we needed coming in from the cold. Accompanying it was Papdi Chaat, with fresh crunchy papdis with green chutney and curd. The meat in the Mutton Gilawati was melt-in-the-mouth soft, and the Kalmi Kabab was also quite nice, but it was the fish of the Mahi Dum Kabab which blew our minds away- tender and perfectly cooked and perfect with the Dahi Peelimirch ki Chutney, one of three chutney accompaniments.

The Warqi Paratha seemed to be a slightly oilier version of a regular paratha, but the mutton Korma Asafjahi was good, with the well-cooked mutton nearly falling off the bones. The Lahori Raseela Murgh was, to me, a fancy name for butter chicken, nothing to write home about, and the Murgh Dum Biriyani, served from a pot, was also middling, with the raita accompanying it quite flavorless. Of the three sweets, the Aam Sewaiyaan was quite good and the Gulab Jamuns passable, but I couldn’t eat more than a spoonful of Palak Halwa; it’s an acquired taste I’d rather not acquire.

Awadhpuri is a nice place for an evening out, with an upscale ambiance and good food, while being reasonable on the wallet.



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