A Perfect Tastykhana meal

Sicilian garlic prawns

Tastykhana is an online food delivery service operating in seven cities, including Bangalore. They have a mix of big name restaurants and local eateries on their roster, with cuisines ranging from Italian to Mexican to good old Indian.

I was invited to create a meal with starters, main course and dessert from various restaurants in the Tastykhana network in Bangalore. I decided to use this opportunity to try out some restaurants in my vicinity I hadn’t eaten from before.

Burrah kabab

I had a lot of options- the kebab platter at Copper Chimney, bruschetta or crostini from Little Italy, but I decided to go with the Burrah Kabab from Lajawaab. The mutton was well cooked, and the masala did not overpower the dish. On another occasion, I ordered Sicilian garlic prawns from Cafe 42, and I found the prawns quite good, though I would have preferred a garlic-based sauce instead of chopped garlic pieces.

Paneer kulcha and Lahori murgh

For the main course, I had the Lahori Murgh and Paneer Kulcha from Laajawab. The chicken was nice and the gravy was spicy, with a hint of cashew in it. Tastykhana offered an option to make the food less spicy, but I like my food spicy (though I can’t take Andhra levels of spice). Troika is another restaurant I’d recommend- their lamb rendang curry with sticky rice is an Indonesian preparation I quite enjoyed. There are a number of biriyani restaurants on TastyKhana- Mani’s, Venus, Chettinad, and I’d order from one of those when I have a biriyani craving I’d want satisfied.

Coconut honey and green lime panna cotta

For dessert, there are a few cake shops like Just Bake, Daily Bread and Butter Cup, and the regular restaurants also have dessert options. I have a soft spot in my heart (and my stomach) for Troika’s coconut, honey and green lime panna cotta. If you don’t like coconut, I’d suggest their baked blueberry cheesecake; it is one of the yummier ones around.

I found Tastykhana’s ordering and delivery service to be very structured, with mails and messages informing me when the order was placed with the restaurant and when it was likely to be delivered. The service is also good, and in the case of Laajawab, the food was delivered before the stipulated time. If you are looking for a good restaurant meal and feeling too lazy to step out of your home, TastyKhana brings the restaurant to your home.

Note: I received meal credits from Tastykhana to order meals. Opinions are honest and wholly my own, and not influenced by anyone else.


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