Impressive variety at Tangerine Sizzlers

Chicken malacca sizzler
Chicken malacca Sizzler

Tangerine’s previous avatar in Indiranagar was a favorite for meetups with friends, the place cosy without being small, the food quite good. So, when I received an invitation to review their new place in Koramangala, I looked forward to a sizzling lunch (pardon the pun) and a nice afternoon.

First off, the new location is amazing. Sunshine permeates the whole restaurant, and the cream-colored wooden furniture add a nice touch to the place. The menu is more extensive than any other sizzler place in the city, and more inventive too. It is less heavy on the shashliks and satellites that dominate menus of most sizzler restaurants, and has more funky sizzlers- the fish moutarde has a marinade of mustard, oregano and olive oil; the chicken malacca puts stir-fry in a sizzler, the beef musketeer has small slices of beef cooked in a peppercorn and wine sauce.

Take Five
Take Five
Mini tofu cutlets
Mini tofu cutlets

We started off with the Take Five (Rs 225), chicken grilled with lemongrass, oregano and garlic. The chicken was succulent, though a bit heavy on the garlic. The Fish Fingers (Rs 240) was nice and I liked the fact that they gave two dips. The nut sauce that came with the Mini Tofu Cutlets (Rs 175) was a surprise favorite- we liked the balance of sweet and spice that went well with the tofu.

Mixed seafood grill
Mixed seafood grill

Usually, I go for chicken or beef when I order a sizzler, but this time, I decided to switch things up and order a Mixed Seafood Grill (Rs 460), and boy, wasn’t it a good decision! The dish had a variety of flavors and textures- the melt-in-the-mouth seer fish, the succulent prawns and the lovely crab cakes, all in a creamy, slightly spicy sauce. The Stir-Fried Chicken Malacca (Rs 340) was not so much of a hit, though. The chicken was well-cooked but the soya sauce taste was very strong and almost overpowered the dish. From other experiences at Tangerine, the Chicken Rocoto, the Steak Peruvia and the Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steaks are quite good. They have some Indian sizzlers also, and I’d love to come back and try one of those.

Death by Chocolate
Death by chocolate

For dessert, we went with the Death By Chocolate (Rs 200). If you are expecting the Corner House overload of nuts, don’t. The dish has chocolate mousse wrapped in a thin malai skin, floating in a sea of hot chocolate sauce. For chocolate lovers, this is a sinful ending to a meal.

Tangerine’s previous location in Indiranagar was a little hard to find, but in Koramangala, it has a prime position at Sony World Signal. If you are looking for a break from the generic Kobes and Indijoes, you’d do well to check this place out.

Tangerine- Sizzlers and More
No 52, 100 Feet Road (near Sony World Signal)

Note: I was invited to the restaurant for a sponsored meal. Opinions are honest and wholly my own, and not influenced by anyone else.


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