Fab Tiramisu at Fava


Tiramisu and mousse are the most bandied about words in the dessert dictionary. Nowadays, anything with cream and cake in layers, with a hint of coffee, passes for tiramisu. So, when I came across Fava’s Tiramisu (Rs 250), I was soooo happy. Each tier adds to the overall dish- the chocolate dust at the top is very bitter, and cuts the sweetness of the mascarpone and the chocolate cake, with the beautiful drop-like design to the left containing the coffee. And the plating, by god, so beautiful! I almost didn’t want to disturb the plate by eating it. Eat it slowly, savor every bite, and the tiramisu will linger on your tongue long after you have eaten it.

UB City

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One Response to Fab Tiramisu at Fava

  1. gypsysoul.. says:

    Although I am not a tiramisu fan. This picture just makes me want to have one right now. Looks delicious.

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