Paperboat Drinks: A Review

Paperboat drinks

This summer is going to be a super-hot one, and not just because of the elections. April is barely here, and the mercury is already touching mid-30s in Bangalore. The only way to beat the heat is lots of fluids- water, fresh fruit juices etc. Most people will make a beeline to their local juicewalla for their fruit juice fix, but for those who are concerned about health and hygiene, there is Paperboat.

When the guys at Paperboat sent me a box of their juices, the first thing that struck me was the packaging. The sturdy reusable cloth bag was encouraging, signalling that the juices won’t be filled with artificial flavors and preservatives like many other juices in the market. ‘No colours, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring. Basically none of that junk’, asserts each bottle.

Paperboat drinks

Having lived in Karnataka for a long time, I was keen to try out the kokum juice, and it didn’t disappoint. Both it and the jamun kala khatta have a slightly strong black salt flavor, which may disconcert some but actually adds to the flavor of the fruit. My favorite, of course, was the aamras, a thick golden liquid that left me wishing mango season would hurry up and come.

Paperboat drinks

The jal jeera was a refreshing palate cleanser, and helped cut some of the heaviness of a ghee-laden biriyani I had sometime later. I mixed both the golgappa pani and the imli ka amlana during our weekly pani puri day at home-> two-in-one advantage of being hygenic and great to taste. The aam panna was a cool treat I reserved for the day I returned, almost dehydrated, after spending half the day tramping around in the hot sun.

Paperboats drinks are priced at Rs 30 for 250ml, and are available at leading supermarkets. You can check out their FB page here.

Note: I received the products for review. Opinions are wholly my own, and not influenced by anyone else.


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