A Sweet Beginning to the New Year

Desserts at Chutney Chang

A New Year means change, and change is what you’ll see on this blog. A revamped look, a brand new strategy and new things to do. For starters, more posts. Lots of them, in fact. One every weekday. And a different look and feel to the posts. Less generic talk about the restaurant and ambience, more talk about the food. I’ve got a few more ideas in the bag, but we wouldn’t want to give them all out on the first day, would we?

The photo you see above is the Dessert Platter at Chutney Chang, at least whatever I could manage to eat. It may have changed a bit from the last time I was there (a few months ago), but it’s got one of my favorite things in the world- marshmallows. There was a chocolate fountain, and honestly, had I not stuffed myself with the starters and main course, I’d have eaten a lot more dessert than the measly little you see here. Oh well, you can’t have everything.


Feedback is manna for this blog. Tell us what you think.

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