Buffet: Medici

Grilled Chicken

The Medici family was one of the wealthiest families in Europe in the 14th century, courtesy their founding and control of the Medici Bank. The family produced four Popes and two regent queens of France, including Catherine de Medici, who presided over an era of civil and religious war in France. You should not draw any conclusions from the fact that this restaurant draws its name from her, because the queen’s unfortunate history has nothing to do with the food or ambience at Medici.


Bread basket

The ambience is elegant yet understated, with comfortable seating and minimalistic decor. If you go in summer, the view is a delight, with the gulmohar trees in full bloom, fiery red against a brilliant blue sky. A complimentary bread basket comes with each meal, with a varied selection of different kinds of light, fluffy breads, accompanied with butter and olive oil. You can use them as a palate cleanser between courses, as I did, or to soak up the soup and different sauces.

Caesar Salad

The lunch buffet kicked off with a chicken and crabmeat salad, tossed up by the chef, with a choice of six dressings. Not really a big fan of salads, I was a convert after the chef tossed up a wonderful Caesar salad, with thin juliennes of crabmeat, so much that I went back for a second helping. The creamy chicken soup was a slight step up from Knorr’s creamy soups, but only slight.

Spaghetti bolognaise

There is a live pasta counter, with the usual culprits- spaghetti, penne and fusilli. The bolognaise sauce was a nice surprise, because you usually don’t see restaurants serving beef at a buffet. My spaghetti bolognaise was a delight to all the senses, and I was also surprised at the speed at which I polished it off. For the main course, you can choose between four options- two veg and two non-veg, and that’s why it’s advisable to come with company if you want to experience the full range of what Medici has to offer. My grilled chicken came with a side of mashed potatoes and veggies, and was filling and delicious. I must make a special mention of the sauce, subtly spiced with peppercorns, that will have you wishing for more. Other main courses include poached fish (salmon), a vegetable quiche/tart and a parmigiano (I think).

Kiwi mocktail


The desserts are a slight letdown, especially because the French are famous for their pastries. The chocolate gateau was nice, but the blueberry cheesecake was disappointing, and the blueberry flavor seemed artificial, even though there was a single blueberry in the cake. One suggestion I have is for them to have a dessert counter- it’s a little disappointing when your server sets down a plate of two bite-sized pastries in front of a dessert lover.

The lunch buffet runs at Rs 437 (Rs 350 + taxes) on weekdays, and is a good idea if you want to take clients out, or give yourself a midweek treat.
Overall: 4
Food: 4
Ambience: 4
Service: 3.5

1206,Mannan Arcade
100 Feet Road

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