Lunch: Kobe’s Sizzlers

Kobe's Sizzlers

When Garuda Mall opened its doors to the public in 2005, it was “the” place to visit. One of the earliest malls in Bangalore, you weren’t anybody until you had eaten its corn chaat and gaped at the stores there. Garuda is old hat now: newer kids on the block like Orion and Phoenix have captured the city’s imagination, and its weekends. But Garuda is still packed, still popular and still a pretty cool hangout. Well, you know what they say. Location, location, location.

After a Barfi that ran longer than we had expected, a bunch of ravenous young girls invaded Kobe’s and ordered a bunch of sizzlers, which came all at once and left our end of the restaurant smokier than an opium den in Shanghai. Since we had a shopping extravaganza lined up, the non-veggies decided to go easy on their wallets and it was vegetarian sizzlers around the table.

Kobe's Sizzlers

For the usual Satellite (Rs 430), my friend declared that there was such a thing as too much cheese, though I think it is because cheese and rice don’t go well together. The one with pepper sauce (Rs 400) was my favorite, because I’m a sucker for hot fiery stuff, but my paneer-loving friends were quite satisfied with the shashlik too.For dessert, there was sizzling apple pie- warm apple pie with a dollop of icecream and topped with green apple sauce (Rs 150)- disappeared in a wink! They seem to have some sort of combo offer- soup, sizzler and dessert for about 600 per person, but I doubt it will be a good deal; the sizzler leaves you pretty full, and filling your stomach with water (okay, soup) before doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Kobe’s sizzler menu is extensive, with lamb, chicken and fish items to choose from. They seem to have decided to stick to their strengths; there isn’t much in terms of other items- a few sandwiches, a handful of desserts, no starters that I can remember. On weekends, the place can seem a bit crowded, as the tables jostle cheek by jowl with each other, and Coldplay ruled the playlist when we were there, and a bunch of taxes were appended to the bill. All you’d expect in a mall restaurant.

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 3
Service: 2.5

Kobe’s Sizzlers
Garuda Mall
Magrath Road

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