Buffet: Indijoes

Do not go for a buffet at Indijoes before a festival. We went for a team lunch the day before Varamahalakshmi Vratham, and the place was CROWDED. There were nearly five groups from different companies, and man oh man, wasn’t it a squeeze! We were lucky that we had booked an outside table; inside the atmosphere was claustrophobic. Though any ambience advantages an outdoor table might have had was nullified by one loudmouth from another group expostulating on every topic under the sun. But kudos to the restaurant that they kept the food coming and the plates were empty for very short periods of time.

The buffet kicked off with a tomato and basil soup with assorted breads. The basil taste was almost non-existent, but the soup was good, with a hint of pepper which I really liked. There was a veg kabab of some kind, a baked vegetable vegetable in spinach sauce which was really good. There was a chicken salad which was quite disappointing, just some chunks of chicken with bell peppers, no dressing whatsoever, and a pasta which was dry and tasteless.

What I liked best was the chaat counter. Pani puri, papdi chaat, bhel, I just pigged out on all the varieties available. There was a live pasta counter, but the crowd milling around it was a major deterrent, and they seemed to be rustling it up so fast I wondered how cooked it was. The pulav was pretty decent with the dal makhani. Non-vegetarians don’t have much to choose from, though, just chicken wings, chicken in hunan sauce (liked this, but then, I love Chinese food) and a Goan fish preparation that was ok but in short supply.

The dessert counter was perpetually crowded and food ran out there the fastest. There was the usual cheesecake (blackcurrant), banana cake, which I see every buffet has developed a fascination with, a watery pudding that nearly flowed off the plate and icecream. New additions were a chocolate Swiss roll that was yummm, despite being a little drenched in the pudding and kulfi, which I ate despite a slight cold.

With this visit, I have sampled both the buffet and a la carte options at Indijoes, and while the buffet offers sufficient food at Rs 390 (Rs 325 + taxes), I prefer the a la carte: sizzlers are more up Indijoes’ street.

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 2.5
Service :3

Ground Floor, RMZ Infinity Mall,
Old Madras Road,


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