Lunch: Watta’s

Pudina Chicken and Steam Rice

First off, apologies for the prolonged blog silence. No, I’m not going to resort to the usual excuse of being too busy and not having time for the blog. I was busy for a while, yes, moving house, but I was also sick. For the worse part of a month. And then was restricted to ghar ka khana till I could recover my strength.

When we were moving into our new place off Airport Road, Watta’s was a regular, along with the darshini below it. Watta’s is a no-fuss lunch place: you go expecting decent food that will fill you up and not blow a hole in your pocket, and you won’t be disappointed.

For us, regular orders were the steam rice (Rs 60), Veg Pulav (Rs 80) or rotis (Rs 18), quantity enough for two. We tried almost all the gravies, and I liked the Chicken Pudina Wala (Rs 150) and the Chicken Dahi Wala (Rs 145), primarily because I’m bored as hell of all the kadai chickens and the butter chickens of the world. Among the veg stuff, I would recommend the Dal Makhani (Rs 105), the Mushroom Taka Tak (Rs 130) and the Shahi Paneer (Rs 140). They have some fish dishes also, but we didn’t really try any of those.

From all the above recommendations, you would have guessed how Watta’s became a regular: no gas for the first week we moved in. It’s a bachelor kind of place: order when you don’t want to cook or you’re bored of the same old things you keep making. The restaurant itself is clean, spacious with enough seating and service is ok, not too prompt though.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 2

Wind Tunnel Road
Off Old Airport Road


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