Buffet: The Island

The Island, IndiranagarThe Island is a place straight out of a brochure of a seaside resort. Located in a converted villa, it has a central courtyard with sunshades and low couches and hammocks, and a pavilion where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one, and almost hear the sound of the waves. The Island is one of the hottest places in Bangalore right now, and judging by the crowd, we were not the only people who decided to take advantage of their weekday lunch buffet.

We kicked off with roast pumpkin soup, a refreshing change from all the cream of mushrooms on other buffets, which went very well with the selection of breads. Vegetarians could choose onion rings and vegetables in bbq sauce for their starters, but the refilling of the food was painfully slow and the containers were almost empty whenever I went to fill my plate. Non-veggies had drums of heaven- food-coloring-endowed fried chicken, but the blackened fish was soft and delicious and the star of the menu. I loved the salads- a tangy bell pepper one was delightful, and the chicken salad a close second in terms of taste.

The Island, IndiranagarThe main course was an interesting mix of Indian, Chinese and Continental. Standouts were the burnt noodles, which you should have with the fish in sauce or whatever its name was. The biriyani was ok, but the pizzas were another thing- cheesy with toppings galore. My veggie friends spoke highly of the Thai red curry, and in all, the Asian dishes were sterling. There was a couple of pastas, but you wouldn’t miss anything if you didn’t try them.

The dessert section was like a fish market, aunties jostling for the last pastry, and the refill rate was probably the slowest here. Stuck between five ladies, I waited for five minutes before the pastries started coming in, but couldn’t be bothered to wait for the icecream. There was the usual selection of desserts- banana cake, blackcurrant cheesecake, pineapple pastry and black forest cake. The cheesecake was ok and the pineapple pastry quite fine, but the waiter hurrying us so that he could give our table to waiting guests spoiled the mood.

Island is a really nice place, great ambience and pretty decent food. Go for dinner- there is no buffet, but it’s peaceful and you won’t have to fight to get to the food. The lunch buffet costs Rs 370 per person (Rs 299 + taxes)

Overall: 3
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 4
Service: 2

The Island
380, 80 Feet Road


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