Lunch for One: Mama’s Pizzeria

Mama's Pizzeria

Indiranagar’s food scene suffers from a problem of plenty- there are so many restaurants already existing, and one crops up almost every other week! But the problem for me is that most of them will burn a crater in your pocket, so it’s a challenge to find a nice affordable place where a meal won’t cost a day’s pay. But I’ve managed to rise to the challenge pretty well, I think.

Mama’s Pizzeria is a hole-in-the-wall joint located in a bylane off the snazzy 100 Feet Road, in the ground floor of the building housing the Healthy Affair restaurant. You can spot the place a mile away, thanks to the tigers cartooned all among the outside walls. Inside, they’ve got a board (cupboard?) with little tidbits about pizza and its origins, a cute touch.

Pepperoni Pizza

Mama’s has a decent variety of thin-crust pizzas on the menu, along with some sandwiches and salads, and I ordered a Small Pepperoni (Rs 150) with jalapeno toppings (Rs 8) added. I’ve become quite mad about jalapeno- I love its tangy taste and try to order it whenever it’s on the menu. The crust was super thin and at times I felt I was eating papad instead of pizza. The jalapenos didn’t have as much of a tang as I’d expected, but maybe that was a good thing, coz they might have overpowered the pizza’s taste.

One pizza won’t be a filling meal, but I had a shopping trip planned out, and would be eating a lot of junk food anyways, so I didn’t have anything else. The pizzas can be had in ready-to-eat or take-and-bake form, though I have no idea why you’d want to shell out the money for that, when you can just as easily make your own. Small note: prices are exclusive of taxes. I’d suggest you try this place out if you’re looking for a change from Dominos and Pizza Hut kind of pizzas, and want to grab a light meal to go.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 1.5
Service: 2.5

Mama’s Pizzeria
2041, 17th Main Road, 1st Cross
HAL 2nd Stage


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