Mall Eats: Classic Hot Dog at Square Ruth

Classic Hot Dog

Have you ever dropped a 100-rupee note into a river, and watched helplessly as it floated farther and farther away from you? Exactly how I felt when I ordered the Classic Hot Dog (Rs 85) at the Square Ruth outlet in Phoenix Marketcity. As you can see from the photo, it was just a tasteless sausage between two dry slices of bread, with a bunch of lifeless fries. I would have felt better if I had dropped that 100-rupee note in the river.


3 thoughts on “Mall Eats: Classic Hot Dog at Square Ruth

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  1. I don’t know wat else u expect from a classic hotdog.. i had the same hotdog from them, it was much better than wat u get in other stores.

    P.s. you should try their burgers, they are amazing

    1. My problem wasn’t with quantity, but quality. I could have dropped the same money on a McD burger and felt happier. And I don’t even like McDonalds much.

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