Lunch for One: Sichuan


Chinese dishes can be categorized into one of eight culinary traditions- Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang. Of these, we are most familiar with Sichuan, or Schezwan as restaurant menus like to call it, with its liberal use of spices. Though I love Schezwan food, I do wish more restaurants would experiment with the other cuisines, there are so many unknown dishes we could fall in love with.

Some time back, I had a craving for Chinese. That awful craving that hits you in the gut and all you want is something soya-flavored. Now, if I were sitting within the four walls of my home, I would have picked up the phone and ordered some chilly chicken and fried rice. But I was in Koramangala, near Umerkot, so I figured Sichuan was my best bet if I didn’t want to walk too long or too far.

Chilli Mushroom Fried Rice

There was no power when I got to the restaurant, and they didn’t have a power backup. I wiped my forehead as I ordered a Chicken in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce (Rs 175) and a Chilli Mushroom Fried Rice (Rs 80), I drank gallons of cold water as I read my book waiting for the order to appear, I roasted through the entire duration of my lunch. The heat got so unbearable that I quit eating and packed up the leftovers for dinner. And I was paying the bill, thanking my stars to be out of the sweltering heat, when the power came back on. Life’s a b****.

Chicken in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

Away from my electricity travails, and on to the food. Indian Chinese, heavy on the spice factor, but good enough to taste. I expected the chicken to taste strongly of soya, but thankfully it didn’t. The fried rice was generously supplied with mushrooms, the chicken was generously supplied with onion slices- the first thing a plus, the second not so much. If I lived in Koramangala, I’d probably order regularly from this place, it’s value for money. And pork lovers, they got some pork on the menu too.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 2
Service: 3.5

1016, 80 Feet Road
1st Block


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