Lunch for One: Richie’s Rahham’s International

Richie's Rahham's International
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My whole family is biriyani-mad. When we move to a new neighborhood, the first thing we do is try to scout out new biriyani places. So, it is quite surprising that in the last six months, I have not had biriyani even once. Ok, excepting the time I went to Calcutta. You can’t expect me to go to Calcutta and not eat biriyani.

So, I was in Frazer Town the other day, and really hungry by 12.15. I wanted to go to Awadhee and try their kakori kabab, but they said the food wouldn’t be ready for another half hour. So I popped across the street to Richies Rahhams, and climbed a dark flight of stairs to an empty dimly lit restaurant. Was this a good place, I wondered. I needn’t have worried, coz the place started filling up a short while later. The server recommended a mutton biriyani, and I was like, yeah, long time since I had one.

Mutton biriyani

The biriyani is not great, it’s not even close to Calcutta’s famous biriyanis, but it is value for money. It’s ghee-laden, but not greasy, and with the accompaniments of raita and tomato curry, quite nice to eat. But what disappointed me was the mutton. I know mutton is expensive, and I know that at 160 bucks, I shouldn’t expect too much, but the bony mess on my plate that called itself mutton made the biriyani go from decent to disappointment. The plate of cut fruits at the end was a nice touch- makes you feel “healthy”.

Richie’s has a bunch of outlets in various corners of the city, and the Frazer Town one had loads of people lined up for takeaways. Bangalore has a dearth of good biriyani places, and while I wouldn’t really recommend this one to people who ask me where they can find a great biriyani (honestly, I don’t have an answer for that), I’d say that this would do to temporarily satisfy your biriyani cravings, if you have any.

Overall: 2
Food: 2
Ambience : 2
Service: 3

Richies Rahhams International
82, MM Road
Frazer Town


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