Lunching Out: Rogue Elephant Terrace Bistro

Margherita Pizza

Location: In a tree-lined street off Koramangala’s dusty 80 Feet Road. Easily accessible, yet feels like a hidden find.

Ambience: Designed like a treehouse. Quirky, and pretty cosy for that catch-up with your long-lost friend.

Service: Decent, I should say. Honestly, I don’t fuss too much about service. You serve food without attitude or much delay and fill up my water glass promptly and I’ll be okay with you

Rogue Elephant Terrace Bistro

Food: Yeah, now we come to it. You see, I’ve heard a bit about this place, and that’s why I dragged my friend here (she wanted to go to Empire). I told her, listen, I’ve heard of this place with pretty good Continental food, you wanna come? She agreed, hesitantly. When we saw the menu, we were a little disappointed. Only two dozen dishes, including salads, pastas, starters and main courses, barely covering an A4 sheet. Maybe I should have paid attention to the cosmic whispers.


It’s not that the food here is bad. No, it’s okay, actually. The Margherita pizza (Rs 130) we ordered, with extra olives and jalapenos (Rs 30 each), was good, the cheese-crust ratio appropriate and the jalapenos giving a nice tang. But it was the Susanna (Rs 225), the penne pasta with pesto sauce, that annoyed me. A strong taste of dhania powder, that masked everything else. Do they think diners are fools, who won’t know the difference between dhania and basil? And the portion size, not enough for one. The problem with Rogue Elephant is that it’s not sure what it wants to be- portion sizes indicate wannabe fine dining, food quality points towards cheap eatery. Not really in the mood for pricey dessert, we made a beeline for my friend’s house nearby, where we feasted on jalebis she had brought from home.

Maybe we ordered the wrong things. Maybe we came on an off day. Maybe we should have tried more than two dishes, like the smoked salmon + cream cheese corstini or the signature cheese pannacotta + fig salad or the herb roast chicken. Maybe there are too many maybes in this paragraph.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 3.5
Service: 2.5

The Rogue Elephant Terrace Bistro Koramangala
444, 18th Main Road
6th Block


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