Lunch for One: Ocea International

Squid Masala and Neer Dosa

If you’ve walked from Lifestyle to Brigade Road as many times as I have, you have probably been past Ocea International Hotel a couple of times, glanced at their boast of being a “seafood specialty restaurant” and thought, hmmm, I should come here sometime and see how special they really are. Then one fine day, you decide you’re in the mood for fish, and, despite a whole henhouse of chickens grilling outside, go in.

Bangada Masala Fry

Rule one of ordering anything in this place: Don’t order anything tagged as masala. As you can see from the redder-than-the-red-apple-Snow-White’s-evil-stepmother-gave-her masala on the Bangada Masala Fry (Rs 95), there is a lot of it. And it’s oily, and spicy, and takes away from the taste of the fish. Go for the tawa fry instead. The fish itself was decent, but no great shakes; it felt a bit undercooked, and was nowhere as soft as the one I had at Kaayal.


It was good that I went for Neer Dosa (Rs 55) with the Squid Masala (Rs 170). Not only was it light, to counter all the oil and spice in the masala, but it was also filling quantity-wise. It was my first encounter with squid, so I don’t know if what I ate was good or okay, but I couldn’t help feeling that the squid rings were a little rubbery; I was expecting something juicy, like prawn. And of course, the masala drowned any flavor the squid may have had.

Ocea is a pretty nice place, and have a variety of seafood on their menu- crab, prawn, lobster, and the like. If you avoid foods with the masala tag, you should be able to have a pretty good lunch that’s light on the pocket too.

Food: 2.5
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 3.5

Ocea International Hotel
Next to St. Joseph’s College of Commerce
Brigade Road


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