The Dessertarian: Matteo Coffea

Mocha Shakerato

Have you walked down Church Street past a coffee shop where the “yo” crowd of Bangalore seems to be hanging out? Or are you a part of the “yo” crowd that hangs out at this place? In either case, high five dude!

Matteo Coffea ceiling

Everything about Matteo speaks cool, be it the name, the decor both outside and inside, or the crowd populating it. After a book-buying frenzy at Blossoms, and a walk in the unbearable heat, my friend and I popped into Matteo for a nice cool drink. I ordered a Mocha Shakerato (Rs 100), and she ordered a Choco Brownie Shake (Rs 150) and we settled down to mock the uber cool junta around us.

Choco Brownie Shake

Our shakes arrived in a jiffy. My Shakerato was a cool combo of coffee and chocolate, topped with whipped cream, and I enjoyed every sip of it. But then I had a sip of my friend’s brownie shake, and I regretted not ordering it. It was thick and creamy replete with tiny chunks of brownie that just added to the delicious chocolatey flavor of the drink. If there was a drink of the Gods, this would be among the contenders. See, there’s even a halo in the photo! And it’s blurry, coz you shouldn’t look directly at angels, coz it can burn you up (I’m not sure what logic that is, maybe I’ve just been watching too much Supernatural)!

I suspect that this place is going to become somewhat of a regular for me, considering the number of times I end up at Church Street. Brownie shake, wait for me!

P.S. Yes, I know that coffee doesn’t really count as dessert, but I’m too tired to think of a wacky new category title or whatever that thing is called.

Overall: 4
Food: 4
Ambience: 3.5
Service: 3.5

Matteo Coffea
2, Church Street

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