Lunch for One: Raintree Cafe

Raintree Cafe

Food and fashion come together in this pristine white bungalow smack opposite Windsor Manor Hotel, which houses many boutiques along with a nice little cafe where you can grab a bite after some hectic (!) shopping. I’d love to come here with a bunch of friends next time, and chill out under the huge tree in the middle of the grounds (hopefully nobody will come and tell you, Madam, sitting on grass not allowed).

Bacon Quiche

I dropped in one hot afternoon, and made a beeline for the cafe. One Cold Coffee (Rs 75) and a Bacon Quiche (Rs 85) to satisfy my slightly rumbling stomach. The coffee was, well, coffee, no better or worse than anything you’ll get at a CCD. The quiche was eggy, so much so that I didn’t get the taste of bacon at all. They had a bunch of desserts- pastries, tarts, along with some sandwiches and quiches, but I figured a light lunch was just what the dietician ordered.

Raintree boutique

Fashionistas can find premium designer wear here, including Anokhi and Ritu Kumar, and there are regular exhibitions happening. I particularly liked the purses at a store called Christina; maybe I’ll pick one up if I am in the area again.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2
Ambience: 3
Service: 1.5

Raintree Cafe
Opposite Hotel Windsor Manor
High Grounds, Sankey Road

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