The Dessertarian: Lalit Ashok Pastry Shop

Lalit Ashok Pastry Shop


Will somebody please tell me what a tiramisu is? No, I’m not a food noob, but I’ve eaten so many different kinds of tiramisu in Bangalore that I’ve forgotten what the real one actually tastes like. Some have more coffee, some have more chocolate, some are just whipped cream wonders, some are cakes with a bit of cream. Lalit Ashok’s version (Rs 95) is one with lots of coffee-flavored cream with moist chocolate cake layers sandwiched between. If you’re going to call it XYZ dessert, it’s good- the chocolate cake and coffee blend nicely together. If you’re going to call it tiramisu, I’ve got a problem with that, but I’ll let it pass.



The pastry shop at Lalit Ashok is the only place in the entire hotel where I can afford to buy something. As a first-timer, I went a little crazy with the photo-taking. Next time I promise to be more like the been-there-and-seen-it-all aloof guests who occasionally strolled into the shop. Next time I shall be cool and nonchalant, and even if I take pictures, it shall be with a DSLR; yeah, then I’ll be a photographer, not just a random visitor taking photos as souvenirs.

Chocolate Tart


The Chocolate Tart (Rs 95) was better; not any great shakes, but it was what a tart should be. A nicely baked biscuit base with dark chocolate filling. My only complaint was that the chocolate near the base seemed a bit lumpy rather than creamy, but maybe that’s because I brought it home to eat and the heat may have affected it somehow. I would have preferred a lemon tart on the menu rather than the mixed fruit or kiwi ones; I would have liked to try out a fruit-based dessert.



There were many things in the shop for a dessert lover- macarons, chocolates, pastries, and a whole lot more. Wish it had a few chairs and tables to sit down and enjoy the treats- the sofa feels like a waiting room, like they want you to be gone as soon as possible.

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 3
Service: 3.5

The Pastry Shop
Hotel Lalit Ashok
Kumara Krupa Road


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