Lunch for One: Ayda Persian Kitchen

Joojeh Kabab and Doogh

Blogging is a bit like going to the gym. The initial few weeks, you’re totally pumped up, brimming with energy and ideas to make it work, and churning out posts (or burning off kilos) like Balika Vadhu churns out end-of-episode pravachans. Then the midlife crisis takes over- you feel too lazy or too tired to write, the posts come few and far between, and then stop altogether. My blog seems to be going through a midlife crisis, but I’m determined not to let it go to sleep.

Ayda Persian Kitchen

I’ve seen Ayda many times on my way to Blossoms, and I’ve always thought, some time I should come here. One hot afternoon, I finally climbed those stairs (after climbing the backdoor stairs which led straight into the kitchen!) and entered this dark restaurant with a strange bulging roof and patterned wallpaper. With the menu, I was handed a photo album with pictures of all the dishes- kobideh kabab, joojeh lohmei, zereshk pulao, and a bunch of other dishes. I picked a chicken dish, Joojeh Kabab (Rs 230), and some cold Doogh (Rs 40) to go with it.

Joojeh Kabab

I was looking forward to the doogh, having heard about it on a couple of food blogs, but this was a major disappointment. It was cold and minty, but super sour, and the overdose of salt probably pulled my blood pressure up by 20 points. The joojeh kabab, described as chicken fillets marinated in saffron and herbs, barbequed and dipped in ghee. My fingers were stained yellow with the color on the chicken, which probably I was supposed to believe was saffron. There wasn’t much flavor to the kababs, except for the saltiness (seems to be a trademark of this restaurant). I liked the side of pickled beetroot better than the main course itself, though the grilled tomatoes were just too mushy.

I’m not too impressed by the Persian food I sampled at Ayda; it seemed like it put more effort in writing the menu than in actually cooking it.

Overall: 2
Food: 2
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 3

Ayda Persian Kitchen
1, Church Street


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