Lunch for One: Peppa Zzing

Peppa Zzing Lamb Burger

Remember the song Hum Bewafa Hargis Na The? Dharmendra sadly singing about love and loss and betrayal, and those tribals going jingalala hoo and completely ruining the song. I’ve always wondered what madness came over the music composer that he was driven to put those hurrrr-hurrrrs in the song. Watch it to refresh some memories.

Peppa Zzing

Peppa Zzing is a nice little place on Infantry Road, its interiors painted in cheery red and yellow, reminding me of my kindergarten classroom. I was surprised to find it empty on a weekend afternoon, but hey, I’m not complaining; it’s not that I was dying to eat in a crowded place. The menu is a steel thing, and stuff like Whammy burger and Monster burger enticed me, but I remembered that I was supposed to have some sort of diet, and settled for the Peppa Zzing lamb burger (Rs 200). If you can call the thing below settling.

Peppa Zzing Lamb Burger

A thick juicy patty, slathered with mayo and mustard, with a nice omelette on top, packed between two soft buns. If you manage to encompass all of that in one bite, you’ve got one giant mouth, that’s for sure. Now, I’m not a fan of burgers for lunch; I’m more of a dal-chawal girl, but I can happily have Peppa Zzing for lunch everyday. The fries that came with the burger were those you get in unmarked packets in your local supermarket, but it’s the burger I went for. If you want good fries, you can always order some. A quirky touch: the Kachcha Aam goli that comes with your bill.

Supposedly Peppa Zzing and Cafe Thulp are the two places to eat at if you want a good burger in Bangalore. I loved the Zzing, now I’m eager to Thulp it.

Overall: 4
Food: 4
Ambience: 3.5
Service: 3.5

Peppa Zzing
Kedia Arcade
92, Infantry Road

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