Lunching Out: Tangerine

Skewered Vegetables in Pesto Sauce

Picture yourself in a boat on the river,
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies

This song was playing in my head when I made my way to Tangerine, for a meetup with my college friends. We were a noisy bunch, and I guess a table by the window was the best place for us, so that we caused minimum disturbance to the other diners (we didn’t; the waiters came by twice to tell us to turn down the volume!)

Cheese Garlic Bread

Fricasse of Mushroom and Corn

Maybe I should learn not to order garlic bread at any place except a pizza chain. The Cheese Garlic Bread(Rs 100) we ordered did come with a generous helping of cheese, but very little garlic, and the mustard dip just felt wrong. My veggie friends ordered a Fricasse of Mushroom and Corn (Rs 250), which had delicate shiitake mushrooms scattered amidst a bed of noodles, slathered with cheese; and Skewered Vegetables in Pesto Sauce (Rs 260), which was pretty decent, though we felt we were eating grilled vegetables with a sauce, not a sizzler per se. Kehte hain na, feeling nahin aayi.

Waffles with Maple Syrup and Icecream

The Chicken Shashlik Filippo (Rs 280) was the non-veg version of the skewered vegetables, doused in a vibrant red tomato sauce. I enjoyed the Chicken Torreon (Rs 310), though it was as red as the shashlik. The chicken was tender, and the sweetness of the tomatoes mingled well with the spiciness of the chillies. As for dessert, there was Waffles with Maple Syrup and Icecream (Rs 150). Now, I have a soft spot in my heart for waffles, and it is one of my dreams to eat at Waffles and Dinges in New York, so I ate my share of the waffles with gusto, and it was actually really good.

Tangerine has everything you want from a good restaurant: good food, a cozy ambience, efficient service and reasonable prices. For us, the afternoon wasn’t so much about the food as it was about the conversation, so I may not have noted too many nitty-gritty details about the place, but I would definitely recommend it to any foodie in Indiranagar.

Overall: 3.5
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 3

311, 100 Feet Road


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