Lunch for One: Veekes and Thomas

Shish Tawouk

Every foodie has some deep dark secrets. Mine is that I’ve never eaten at Veekes and Thomas before. That might raise some eyebrows and questions; what have you been doing, how can you call yourself a foodie, etc etc. But I’ve rectified that now, baby.

Veekes and Thomas

Veekes and Thomas aspires to put the India in international cuisine. There’s a nice cafe feel to their Koramangala place, and their menu is a work of art. I picked two starters- chicken salami and mushroom crostini (Rs 105) and a shish tawouk (Rs 105), and settled down with my book. The shish tawouk came first- a satay of chicken and bell pepper, with a slightly smoky feel and packed with flavor. I was so happy I was lunching alone- I would have hated to share that plate with anybody else!

Chicken Salami and Mushroom Crostini

I would have been satisfied even if the other dish had been average, but it wasn’t. The crostini, on a nicely toasted crunchy bread and tasty toppings with a peppery aroma, just took my breath away. Honestly, I don’t think too much of Italian antipasti- I mean arbit toppings on bread, anyone can make that at home, why pay good money for it? But this crostini was worth every rupee, I probably would have paid more for it.

Located in a prime location- Koramangala’s Jyothi Nivas College Road- Veekes and Thomas projects a polished air without polishing your wallet clean. In the Terminator’s words, I’ll be back; better still, I’ll move to the neighborhood so that I can eat here more often.

Overall: 4
Food :4.5
Ambience: 3.5
Service: 3.5

Veekes and Thomas
Jyoti Nivas College Road
5th Block

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