Lunch for One: Manthara Kabab Wala

My budget philosophy is simple: if I splurge on something, I must save somewhere else. This sale season has seen my shopping touch new highs, so I’m cutting back on spending on food, trying to find the cheapest places to eat, and not eating out every week.

Magic Thali

I found myself near Sarjapur Road’s Total Mall on a hot afternoon, ravenous for some cheap yet decent food. I found it, in a nondescript dhaba-style place called Manthara Kabab Wala. Strange name; why anybody would name their restaurant after the wily old crone from the Ramayana is beyond my understanding. Anyways, this place has a variety of non-veg thalis, and I chose their Magic Thali (Rs 100), which took some time to come, since they were out of kababs.

Okay, I must confess, I don’t really remember too much of the meal, since I spent most of the time on the phone with a friend, and hardly paid attention to what I was eating. But I do remember the parottas turning really hard after 5 mins- they are best eaten hot, or not at all. The biriyani was decent, the kabab was piping hot, though pretty much your standard roadside type (not to say it was bad, but don’t expect anything fancy), the chicken curry had a strong peppery taste. Most of the food was fairly decent, except the grape juice, which was pulpy (I don’t like pulp) and saccharine sweet. There’s a version of this thali without the juice; I’d recommend that to you.

This restaurant is quite popular with the people who don’t like cooking, judging by the number of deliveries and single guys ordering takeaway parcels. The biriyani is the main attraction, so if you drop by or decide to order, take some biriyani and kabab combo.

Overall: 2
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 2
Service: 2

Manthara Kabab Wala
528, ALT College
Bellandur Gate
Sarjapur Road


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