Lunch for One: Golmaal Paratha

Mushroom cheese paratha

Mast naam, aur mast concept. A restaurant devoted to parathas of every kind, from the good ol’ alu, gobi and methi parathas, to exotic ones like manchurian mix and chocolate parathas. The latter is for kids, but hey, aren’t we all kids at heart? I had heard a lot about this joint from a friend who orders regularly from this place, and you know me- I never ignore food recommendations.

The bright green board is hard to miss. Located in Koramangala’s Khau Gali a.k.a. Jyothi Nivas College Road, the color theme extends to the decor, with blue-green chairs and green boards explaining the theme and what you can expect on your plate. I ordered a Mushroom Cheese Paratha (Rs 100) and Sweet Lassi(Rs 25), and settled down to a 15-minute wait with my book and the Hindi version of Uyiren Uyire on the speakers.

Golmaal Paratha

I judge lassis by the resistance offered when I swirl it with the straw. A good lassi is viscous but not too much, and Golmaal’s lassi was exactly that: thick and creamy and giving you “full Punjab da feeling”. The paratha was massive, and had mushrooms spilling out of it, and when you bit into it, the combination of melted cheese and mushrooms and aloo will have you yearning for more. The paratha is served with sides of chole bature, curd, tomato chutney, mint chutney and pickle, so have fun mixing them to get the flavor you want. My mouth was watering as I wrote the above paragraph.

Golmaal Paratha is a super-popular joint in Koramangala, and it’s not difficult to find out why. There’s no fancy ambience, no elegant waiters, there’s just good food. And ultimately, isn’t that what you want from a restaurant?

Overall: 3.5
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 2.5

Golmaal Paratha
474, KHB Colony
5th Block


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