Lunching Out: California Pizza Kitchen

The first week of January was horrible as far as work was concerned; the project I was working on got shelved and six months of work went down the drain. I was worried and angry and disappointed; all of my teammates were, even though we all laughed and joked about how we were relaxed and free after a long time. In the middle of this, my mentor suggested team lunch. We all were like, yeah, sure, we got nothing else to do.

California Pizza Kitchenvia Sulekha

My team has pretty much exhausted all dining options in and around Marathahalli, so finding a new place to eat was tough. We ultimately thought of checking out California Pizza Kitchen, and hence Phoenix Marketcity as well. I liked the ambience- the place has the air of a fine dining place without looking too pricey. For starters, we ordered Garlic Cheese Foccacia with Checca (Rs 180), and Lime Chicken Tacos (Rs 265), along with expensive but so-not-worth-it Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 95) and Lemonade (Rs 95). Just to make your heart skip some more beats, a smoothie cost Rs 240. The foccacia bread was soft, and tasted real good with the side of tomatoes in olive oil that it was served with. I loved the tacos- way way better than anything Taco Bell can come up with. The tang of lime juice on the nicely fried chicken with the cheesy onions produced an explosion of flavors in my mouth, and the nachos accompanying it were great with the salsa. I could have made a meal of the tacos.

Spicy Cayenne Pizzavia Zomato

The Spicy Cayenne Pizza (Rs 325) was a thin-crust jazzed-up version of our good ol’ paneer pizza, but it was the sauce that had us at hello. The Vegetarian with Grilled Eggplant (Rs 365) had a big chunk of broccoli on top, which made it look a little odd, but it was pretty nice, with mushrooms and eggplant and tomatoes. We had also ordered a Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza (Rs 395), for which we waited nearly half an hour, before realizing that they hadn’t written our order down. Anyways, after 15 more minutes it came, a thin crust pizza that had mushrooms and bell peppers, but eggplant was the dominant taste. We didn’t go for dessert, though the descriptions would have made your English teacher proud.

Everything comes at a price. Ours had 14.5% VAT and 10% service charge attached to it, totally to nearly 1k, for non-existent service; they didn’t even serve us our food, just dumped the plates on the table and left. Anyways, good food rises above indifferent service, especially when it makes your day and you forget your many tensions, at least temporarily.

California Pizza Kitchen
Phoenix Marketcity

Overall: 3.5
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 2


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