Lunch for One: Paramount at Transit Food Court

I feel sorry for those who have their “weekends” in the middle of the week. Apart from the fact that you have to work when everybody is chilling on Saturday or Sunday, it’s just plain boring. Sure, shopping places are less crowded and buffets are cheap, but to me, half the fun of shopping is people-watching, and as for cheaper food, quality also takes a nosedive.

I had taken a day off work, and landed up at Forum Value Mall in Whitefield coz I was bored at home. After roaming the nearly empty mall, I thought of lunching at the Transit Food Court. In retrospect, Rajdhani would have been a much better, though more expensive, choice.

Non-veg jumbo thaliParamount had lots of thali options, and I picked the Jumbo Non-veg Thali. The plate reminded me of the cafeteria lunches you see high-school students eating on American TV shows and movies. In school, I had always wanted to eat at a cafeteria from plastic trays, instead of bringing my own lunch; now I’m older and wiser and have been eating at college and office canteens for a long time. The dal, chicken korma and butter chicken were cold, the parottas and ghee rice were lukewarm; the kabab was piping hot, though. Tastewise, hmmm…the lesser said the better. Ok, the ghee rice was pretty decent, with the dal and the korma. The coin parottas were more ripped than the rags of roadside beggars, and the kabab was so bright red you could have stopped traffic with it, though it didn’t taste any better or worse than the kababs you get at roadside stores. The raita was cucumbers and onions in buttermilk, and the payasam was sweet water with a couple of strands of vermicelli. And all this was 125 bucks.

I have never been one for food court meals; usually at a food court, I go for KFC or Subway. I guess I’ll stick to them from now on, or smooth-talk my wallet into paying a bomb for the restaurants.

Overall: 1.5
Food: 1.5
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 2.5

Transit Food Court
Forum Value Mall

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