Lunch for One: Christmas Gourmet Bazaar at Olive Beach

Gourmet ChristmasIt’s Christmas time! So much shopping to do, so many treats to sample, no wonder my budget has gone out of the window! Since I was already way over budget, I figured why not treat myself at Olive Beach. I hadn’t been there till now, coz frankly the place is swalpa too expensive for me, but they had a Christmas bazaar going on, and I thought it would be a good way to sample some of their spread without going broke.

Christmas Gourmet Bazaar

Christmas Gourmet BazaarI expected an array of goodies, but was disappointed to see just a couple of tables laid out. There were different breads- baguettes, brioches, farmer’s loaf etc, pizzas and pies- foccacia, mince pies and pissaldieres, and a couple of brownies and cakes. I picked a ham pissaldiere (Rs 120), and packed up a berry danish(Rs 70) and a chocolate croissant (Rs 80) for later.

Ham PissaldiereIf you didn’t know before (I didn’t), pissaldiere is a French pizza. Olive Beach’s pissaldiere was really good, and a sprinkling of some oregano and tabasco sauce made it easily the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. The crust was thin and light, the pizza was perfectly done with zero burnt edges, the ham tasted great. Great lunch.

In case you’re thinking- wait, that’s it? That’s all you had for lunch? The thing is, I had a light lunch because I was planning to do some pigging out on street food. And I did! Papdi chaat, chowmein, bhutta and gola, and I bought a bunch of sweet treats as well. Oh, it was fun, going from the understated elegance of what is said to be Bangalore’s finest dining spot to the rough-and-tumble of roadside food.

Berry DanishMy room smelled like a bakery when I opened the takeaway box at home. The danish had a lovely buttery crust with a raspberry filling. I didn’t like the filling so much but I loved the bread; for the first time in my life, I was wishing there was more crust than filling!

Chocolate CroissantI had the croissant for breakfast next morning. I felt very French, having sweets for breakfast! Olive Beach makes the best breads I’ve had- the warm buttery crust (sorry, can’t help repeating myself) enclosed innards of gooey dark chocolate, and as I write this, I can still feel the heavenly taste in my mouth.

Olive Beach is one of the places on my Bangalore restaurant bucket list. I really want to have a nice dinner there; I’ve heard the ambience is awesome at night. Anybody listening 😛 ?


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