Lunch for One: Tunday Kababi

Update: This place is now replaced by Legends of Lucknow.

Wall mural at Tunday KababiSunday ho ya Monday, roz khao Tunday! Ok, maybe that’s too much, but right now, it summarizes how I felt about eating at Tunday Kababi. Good food, cheap prices, neat atmosphere- isn’t that what eating out is supposed to be like?

I’ve cribbed to you guys about Koramangala’s makeover since I last lived there, but one thing I’m happy about is the flowering of numerous eateries in that place. One fine day, I walked down the Sukh Sagar road, past Java City and Kobe’s to Tunday Kababi, having heard a lot about their Lucknow-style kababs. The place was nearly empty when I reached, though it filled up shortly after. Having done my burrp and zomato research, I ordered a Mutton Tunday Kabab and Tunday Paratha, and the only dessert on the menu, Awadhi Kheer.

Mutton Tunday kabab

Tunday paratha

All the food is prepared in an open kitchen, and a plate of Tunday kabab was placed in front of me almost instantly, along with the largest paratha I have seen in Bangalore. I had ordered one paratha, hoping to have a light lunch, and I realized that I would have to forget about lightness. The paratha was hot from the oven, soft and crisp, and went well with the kababs. As for the kababs, well, heaven on earth. They were more cutlets than kababs, literally melt-in-the-mouth, rich, with an explosion of flavors. I couldn’t stop eating them, and was very disappointed when the plate was empty. Mint chutney is served, but I strongly urge you to ditch it- the kababs have enough and more taste and flavor of their own. I finished off with Awadhi Kheer, which originally had me sceptical with its plastic katori and garish yellow color, but had me smiling happily by the end. Need more proof? There was a kid at the opposite table, almost dragged in by his parents. A few spoonfuls of the kheer, and he was grinning and chattering away nineteen to the dozen. Lucknowi magic, I say.

Tunday Kababi is not much to look at, but it’s not really aiming to be featured in Home and Decor. They serve good food, and have efficient service. No wonder they have managed to survive in posh and upscale Koramangala, with its plethora of eateries. Visit if you want good food at good prices.

Overall: 3
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 2
Service: 3

Tunday Kababi
479, KHB Colony
5th Block, Koramangala


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