Lunching Out: Nando’s

Portuguese lemonade and garlic bread

One word you learn after visiting Nando’s is peri-peri. It’s the fiery hot sauce that is a speciality of the restaurant, and comes in Garlic, Mild, Hot and Extra-Hot flavors. I tasted all four, and honestly, I’ve eaten Indian food far spicier than even the Extra-Hot. I went with a friend who can’t eat spicy food, and even she was unimpressed by the khara quotient. Guess the Portuguese have different standards of spiciness. Come to Andhra, my bwoyz, and thou shalt learn what hot really means.

Chicken steak

We had a gift voucher for 1000 bucks from Zomato (thanks guys!), and we thought we’d stuff ourselves, but the prices were higher than we had expected. We started off with Portuguese lemonade, which curiously came with red chilli powder sprinkled on top. It gave a reddish-orange glow to the drink, but didn’t make much difference to the taste; it was just lemonade, dude. For starters, we had peri-peri garlic bread, which also had chilli flakes sprinkled on top, and peri-peri paneer, skewered paneer slathered in sauce, which was devoured by the two paneer maniacs that were us. The chicken steak was flavorsome and well cooked, not tough though not exactly tender, and came on a bed of pulao rice (unimpressive, and slightly dry) with fries. Dessert was the best part of the meal, a lovely light chocolate cake that melted in our mouths and which we would have ordered another of, if we could have been carefree about subjects such as weight and calories.

Nando’s favors orange in its decor, probably to emphasise on the hotness of the food, but it was a little off-putting. The service was a little slow, maybe because they didn’t consider us non-paying customers to be deserving of the same quality of service as the paying ones. Will I be back? Yes, but only if I have another voucher.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 3
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 2.5

1 A, Church Street


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