Break It Phasht: Cafe Terra

Returning to Koramangala after six years, I was shocked at how much the place had changed. None of my old landmarks remained, and when I went in search of my old house in 4th Block, I didn’t find it, not because the house had disappeared, but because I couldn’t recognize any of the side-roads and hence didn’t know which turn to take. If the transformation of 100 Ft Road had been a shock to me when I first came to Bangalore, Koramangala’s transformation was like a giant kick in the gut.

Cafe Terra

The inability to find my old house was not the only failure on this trip. I thought I’d brunch at Hole in the Wall Cafe, having heard so much about its breakfasts. But the place was super-crowded, and I waited for half an hour for a table before deciding that it wasn’t worth it. By then, I was hungry and tired and ready to give up my search for a new breakfast place. I had almost walked till the end of 80 Ft Road, and was thinking of going into a CCD, when I saw a small board saying Cafe Terra. Duh, I went in.

English breakfastI ordered an English breakfast- scrambled eggs, toast and sausages, with baked beans and grilled potatoes. Maybe I was hungrier than usual, or maybe the breakfast was meagre, but I didn’t really feel full. The beans and potatoes were too salty, and I thought the scrambled egg should have been made with two eggs, not one. I ordered the cake of the day, a banana walnut cake so tough and chewy that I ate only because I was so damn hungry. You could order icecream with the cake, which I didn’t because of the weather, but on hindsight, I should have; it would have made the cake a little easier to eat. The coffee that came with the breakfast arrived after asking twice for it, but was a delight on the cloudy day, hot and strong and served in a tall mug.

Small but nice, and with a collection of comics to keep the solitary breakfaster busy, Cafe Terra is an inexpensive place in Koramangala to breakfast, and not too crowded. They have some lunch options too which I’ve heard are quite decent, and the next time I’m here, I’ll probably try those out.

Overall: 2
Food: 2
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 2

Cafe Terra
1st Floor,V3 Trinity,
80 Ft. Road, First Block


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