Lunch for One: Anupam’s Coast II Coast

I’m a true-blue Bengali, and no matter how much I may love to try out new cuisines and different kinds of meats, my heart has a special place for fish. And I often have very strong cravings for it. One such craving led me down M G Road and into Anupam’s Coast II Coast, which many people have assured me serves some of the best seafood you can eat in Bangalore.

Fish thali

The place was quite crowded when I went, filled with Konkani and Malayali families chattering nineteen to the dozen, and I was directed to a tiny table next to a huge family, who looked like they had ordered everything on the menu. After a lot of hand-waving, a waiter finally set a glass of water and a menu before me, and I wasted no time in ordering a fish thali. The thali arrived a good 10 minutes later, and I dug in. It was simple unpretentious food- rice, bhindi sabzi, sambar, two types of fish, payasam and buttermilk. The anjal curry was delicious, full of flavor and had me licking my lips. There was also kane fry, coated with khuskhus, but it was finished before I knew it; I wish the piece had been bigger! But the service! Oh god, a disaster! Just because I was a solo diner and not a big spender like the other groups, I got the worst of service. The finger bowl arrived when I was halfway through my food, and I had to wait endlessly for the server to get my change. Guys, I get it, your big spenders and regulars are obviously important, but that doesn’t mean pathetic service to the rest.

There were so many things on the menu I wanted to try- bangada fry, chicken ghee roast, squid and prawn curry, among others. There are also Chinese and North Indian dishes, which I just think is a waste of paper, considering that they are famous for their coastal food. My suggestion- ditch the gobi manchurian and the paneer butter masala and focus on what you do best. And buck up on the service!

Overall: 3
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 1.5

Anupam’s Coast II Coast
Shrungar Shopping Complex
80/1, M.G. Road


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