Lunch for One: Kund Indian Barbeque

Some days I splurge, some days I save. On splurgy days, I shop till I drop, and then fill my growling stomach at some nice expensive restaurant. On saving days, I window-shop till I drop, then hightail it to some cheap yet good restaurant. Last week was a save-y sort of week, so after much window-shopping on 100 Feet Road, I ended up at Kund Indian Barbeque, quite well-known for its reasonably priced finger-licking food.

Lunch at Kund Indian Barbeque

There are two dining areas- one a small dhaba-style place in the front with wooden benches, and another larger airier area at the back. Since the front area was packed, I was directed to the back, and handed a slightly ragged menu. Along with the usual chicken and paneer dishes,  Kund serves a variety of kababs, which you can order either as a starter, or as a main course with 2 rotis, dal makhni and tawa vegetables. I ordered a Jal Jeera, and a Murg Reshmi Sheek. The Sheek was thin strips of chicken coated with egg, and didn’t really wow me, as the egg crust overpowered the chicken; maybe I should have chosen a different kabab. But the dal makhni was superb, thick and creamy with a dollop of butter on top, and the tawa vegetables were also cooked well. It was so good I almost forgot about the kabab 🙂 The jal jeera was refreshing, but a little too strong.

Kund is quite popular with the office crowd, there were three groups the day I visited the place. It’s small, and clean, but there’s not much else to the ambience. The food is quite decent, and value for your money. I’ll be back here again when I’m doing some penny-pinching; I’ve heard that their murg kalimirch is good, maybe I should try that the next time.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 2.5
Service: 2.5

Kund Indian Barbeque
303, Ashok Terrace
100 Feet Road, 1st Stage


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