Buffet: Sue’s Food Place

Sue's Food Place

When you think Caribbean, you think of sun-kissed beaches, sun-tanned babes, Johnny Depp (courtesy POC). But food? Not really. I’m always up for a new cuisine, so when I heard of Susan John’s little haunt in Indiranagar, which she has been running for 13 years, I knew I had to check it out. Some Googling told me that Caribbean food is quite similar to Indian food, because of the large Indian population there, so I was eager to taste their take on our food.

Starters at Sue's Food Place

Veg main course at Sue's Food Place

If you’re expecting fancy trappings, forget it. The place is small, seems like someone’s home converted into a restaurant, and the decor borders on tacky. I was seated next to the AC, which it started leaking water after a while, and had to be shut off. The soup was a pureed mix of vegetables, nice and thick and lacking that processed feel you get with soups at most restaurants. The starters were vegetarian- fried plaintain, corn kachori with peanut sauce and tamarind sauce, and baby willies (not sure if I got the name right, but basically hara bhara kabab) with mayo. The vegetarian section was quite stacked, with black eyed peas rice and stew, a savory mushroom curry, a mixed vegetable bake with cauliflower, capsicum and pumpkin, and a bittergourd sabzi, which tasted a little odd. There was also plain rice and dal, if you are interested in simple food.

Salads at Sue's Food Place

You could make a meal out of the salads, there were so many of them. The chicken salad had bits of extremely tough chicken, the egg salad was a mayo lover’s paradise, the peanut and cabbage salad felt too raw, and there was also a tomato salsa and a Russian salad. I’m not much for salads, and they weren’t appetizing, so we’ll just go straight to the non-veg area, shall we?

Non-veg main course at Sue's Food Place

The non-veg spread is not too extensive, but is the main attraction of the restaurant. I was told that Sunday is the best day for non-vegetarians, when Sue rustles up chicken, pork, beef, fish and crab dishes for her hungry clientele, and I did wish I had come a day late. I enjoyed the chicken accra, a scrumptious chicken cutlet, but the spicy creole chicken was oily, though the chicken was cooked nicely. The Trinidad beef stew had a wonderful flavorful broth that I mopped up with bread. But the dish I absolutely loved was Tobago fish curry, delectable pieces of red snapper in a delicious curry, so much that I went back for third helpings! Desserts were blah,with a pudding called Paradise Island which resembled the fruit cakes you get in Nilgiris, fruit salad and a colorful fruit souffle I thought was more custard than souffle.

Dessert at Sue's Food Place

Sue’s Food Place is for people who want a decent meal and don’t really care about anything else. The service is prompt and unobtrusive, and your plates are cleared away and glasses filled without the waiter hovering over your shoulder. The buffet costs Rs 350, which I felt was a bit pricey considering the ambience, but well, Bangalore is expensive (seems to be a common line on the blog these days). Drop in at Sue’s if you’re hungry for some home-cooked fare from distant lands.

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 1.5
Service: 3.5

Sue’s Food Place
4, Subadar Garden
Sri Krishna Temple Road


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