Buffet: Sanjha Chulha

First off, this is a pic-less post, coz I forgot to take my phone and my camera. So you will have to do with my pearls of purple prose. So, we went to Sanjha Chulha in Marathahalli (opposite the new Park Plaza hotel) for a team lunch. We opted for the buffet, priced at Rs 330 per person, which had a mix of Indian and Chinese dishes.

Clarification needed: if you have a name like Sanjha Chulha, why you would want Chinese dishes on your menu is beyond my understanding. Especially when you don’t make them well. For starters, there was Chicken Schezwan and Gobi Manchurian, the former a spicy bony mess clearly made out of leftovers of kababs, the latter a spicy onion-filled mess. By contrast, the Indian starters were well done, with a nice flavorful Hariyali Kabab and a soft Paneer Tikka, both of which I took multiple helpings of. My team wasn’t too enamoured by any of the drinks, as the beer was not chilled and the Long Island Ice Tea didn’t have much of a kick to it.

The main course was again an Indo-Chinese mix, and I stayed on the Indian half of the border. Served at table were rotis (slightly burnt) and naans (butter bahaars). The Paneer Masala was a little bland, but the Lahori Murg more than made up for it, though I thought the chicken was a little overcooked. The veg biriyani and raita made a nice combination, and a surprise favorite was the kachumbar salad. There was also noodles and chilly chicken, and I was told that the noodles was decent, though a bit dry. For dessert, there was kheer, strawberry icecream and cut fruits, but none of us were too interested, which was just as well, because a sneak peek at the icecream showed that there was too much food coloring added to it. Instead, we got paans at the paanwala just outside, and they were good, which coming from a confirmed anti-paan person like me, is high praise.

If you work in or around Marathahalli, you may have visited Sanjha Chulha already. If you haven’t, may I suggest exploring other options before you choose, this place. There are new restaurants coming up, and you may find better food for your money in those places. And if you do, please let me know, I can suggest them to my team.

Overall: 2.5
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 2

Sanjha Chulha
90/3, Sri Sapthagiri Complex
Outer Ring Road


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