Lunching Out: Indijoe

If you ask any Bangalorean where you can find a good sizzler or steak, four out of five will point you to Indijoe. Even though new diners pop up regularly, Indijoe remains popular with the yuppie crowd. Maybe it’s the decor, maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the lighting (or lack of it). Maybe it’s a combination of all three.


We were temporarily blinded when we stepped from the bright sunshine into the Church Street branch of Indijoe. The lighting is so dim that you wish their was a lady with a lamp to guide you to your seats. Once your eyes have adjusted to the lack of light, you see the wall decor: musical instruments, dartboards, billiards balls in their triangular rack and posters of everyone from Marilyn Monroe to the Beatles. The placemats and coasters are a collage of all-American motifs- beer and James Dean feature prominently. It all feels very hep; I will not lie, I was sorely tempted to walk away with one of the coasters. The menu is similarly decorated: Sophia Loren gazes at you beside the starters, the sizzlers have Monroe restraining her billowing skirt. We chose a veg combo platter for starters, and the four of us decided to split two sizzlers: a spicy chicken sizzler and a stacked vegetarian sizzler. A friend who joined later picked a vegetarian chimichanga.

Spicy chicken sizzler

The main ingredient in Indijoe’s food seems to be cheese, cheese and more cheese. The veg combo platter had two types of fried mozzarella balls, long sticks of cottage cheese in a spicy sauce(which you may know better as kadai paneer), fried onion rings and deep-fried baby corn. More cheese was to come for the veggies, as their sizzler was a cheesy spaghetti topped with aubergine slathered with cheese. The chimichanga, which came with Mexican fried rice, was one giant tortilla stuffed with cheese, which needed generous amounts of tabasco sauce to spice it up. Us non-veggies got lucky, since the spicy chicken sizzler lived up to its name, consisting of two giant slices of chicken breast on a bed of flat noodles, covered with a spicy Sichuan sauce. Proportions are large, and you would have to have a very healthy appetite to finish a sizzler alone. But to tell you the truth, the food didn’t wow me. Sure, it was good, but not great.

Indijoe is a nice place to eat before a night out: service is prompt, and the food justifies the prices. Because this is a BJN Group restaurant, a bevy of taxes will add 20 percent to your bill. But if you’re Bangalorean, you must be used to that.

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 4
Service: 3

46/2, Kalpak Arcade
Church Street


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