Zomato- A Review

If you’re a foodie, you must have used Zomato multiple times, to find new places to eat, check out what a restaurant is good for and how big a hole it’s going to burn in your pocket. It’s my go-to website when planning an evening out, or what to do during my weekend.

What they’re doing right:

1. Comprehensive details of restaurants: Zomato has extensive listings of restaurants in 10 cities, and plans to add more. Along with location and phone numbers, you also get details of pricing, cuisines and other facilities, along with precise directions on the map.

2. Menu: They have menus of nearly 80-90% of the restaurants listed, and are constantly adding more. This is extremely useful, for you get a good idea of what the place serves and how much it’s priced. Obsessive researchers like me would love this feature.

3. Events: Wondering what to do this weekend? Wonder no more. The newly added Events section, available in some cities, not only gives you the best of food and nightlife events, but also concerts, plays, art exhibitions and the like.

What they need to do:

1.  Order online: Zomato should look at tie-ups with restaurants to offer facilities for ordering online. Coz it’s boring to order from Domino’s all the time!

2.  Street food hotspots: Most Indian cities have a vibrant culture of street food, and it would be great if Zomato could highlight some of them. Roadside chaat places, juice junctions merit a page of their own.

3. Recommendations for cities: When I go anywhere, I want to know the best places to eat, without going through a ton of listings and reviews. If Zomato could have a page for top restaurants: splurge-worthy places, hidden treasures, date spots, hot-n-happening, etc, it would be great.

Zomato, you’re going great! You’re well on the way to giving Yelp some serious competition 🙂

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