Buffet: Ivy- the Unwind Island

Team lunches are a boon for the foodie in me, coz I get to eat to my heart’s content for free (isn’t that every foodie’s dream?), but a bane for the blogger in me, coz I can’t possibly remember everything we ate, nor can I take photos properly. I fear people might think me a weirdo for taking pics of food, since nobody knows I blog about food. So forgive me for the bad quality of the photos; I hope my words will suffice.

Buffet at Ivy- the Unwind Island

Ivy- The Unwind Island. The name sounds so wannabe. Its a hotel opposite Prestige Tech Park, and we went for the buffet. The first thing we noticed were the dirty plates, an ominous sign. The chicken dumpling soup was just chicken stock with some lumps that were supposed to be chicken dumplings, which was saved by a decent bread basket. There was a chicken platter which was just tasteless chicken strips, which was just a teaser of the crappy food to come. The non-veg section was a disaster, with boring chicken manchurian, completely un-keralan Kerala mutton curry and insipid biriyani. The vegetarians had a better time, with decent Malaysian noodles along with baby corn and mushroom in spinach sauce. But the best dish was undoubtedly a brinjal masala (it was called aubergine something), deep-fried brinjals cooked in a masala that was spicy and tangy, and polished off by my team. There was also paneer butter masala, dahi vada and dal makhani, but there was nothing to like.

Dessert at Ivy- the Unwind Island

The dessert table was a rainbow of colors, and better than the rest of the meal. The pumpkin halwa was all sugar and no pumpkin, but the coconut barfi was quite good. There was a chocolate and lemon gateau, the sweetness of the chocolate livened up by the citrusy lemon curd. The strawberry cheesecake was all cream and no cake, and no better than the cake from any tiny bakery. The chocolate tarts, some sprinkled with coconut shavings, I liked, and my colleague loved, enough to polish off three at a go. The mango icecream was pretty average, with a bunch of toppings to give it some punch.

There are a bunch of good restaurants in the Marathahalli area, but this is not one. Hope my next team lunch is in a better place.

Overall: 1.5
Food: 1
Ambience: 2
Service: 2

Ivy-The Unwind Island
Opposite Prestige Tech Park
Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road


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