Lunch for One: Wok With Chung

Wok with Chung

It seems to take remarkably little to open a Chinese restaurant these days: have dim lighting and dragon-themed decor, a few North-Eastern waiters, and chilli chicken and fried rice on the menu, and hey presto, you’re calling yourself “the only place serving authentic Chinese”. To be honest, this restaurant may not actually claim this, but you get the drift.

Chicken taro nest

Wok with Chung is so dark inside that you need a lantern to guide you to your seat, and not just because you came in from the bright sunshine. I took a window seat, pulling my eyes away from the gaudy pillars encircled with fluorescent green dragons (tacky!), and looked through the battered menu. Since I was lunching alone, I didn’t want anything too heavy, so settled for a chicken taro nest. The dish arrived before me with surprising speed, and was…chilli chicken in a potato wafer basket. Technically, taro is colocasia, but this restaurant thinks you won’t know the difference. The dish was typical Indianized Chinese, which is not to say that it was bad. Soaked in Schezwan sauce, the chicken was soft and enjoyable, with the capsicum giving a nice aroma, but I would prefer my chilli chicken not to have two enormous chillies and huge chunks of ginger in it. But what was NOT enjoyable was being served raw noodles. Yes, the taro nest rested on a bed of raw Hakka noodles! On pointing this out to the waiter, I was informed that they were crispy noodles. Well, if raw noodles are now being called crispy noodles, then Rakhi Sawant is Princess of Wales!

The restaurant has a large seating area, and the prices are quite reasonable, but you know what they say about low prices and low quality turning out to be an expensive deal.

Overall: 2
Food: 1.5
Ambience: 2
Service: 3

Wok With Chung
35/1A, Vartur Main Road,
Munnekolalu, Near Marathahalli Bridge,
Marathahalli, Bangalore


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