Lunch for One: Cafezinho

Cafezinho interiors

Pushing open the doors of Cafezinho, you wonder if you’ve entered someone’s home by mistake. You could choose to sit in the enclosed area, on cane sofas and a decent selection of books, or you could chill out on the verandah, with deck chairs, bean bags and even a hammock chair. The proprietors seem to have put in a lot of thought into the look and feel of the place, striving to give it a casual relaxed atmosphere. Regretfully the relaxation extends to the service as well.

The cash counter is woefully unmanned, even at peak lunching hours, and you’ll spend some time looking around for someone to talk to. The waiters, for some strange reason, are to be found huddled in the kitchen, and you need to call out to get their attention. Waiters hovering around diners during a meal is a definite put-off, but they are expected to be somewhere close at hand, instead of the customer having to search high and low for a menu, and then for someone to place the order with.

Non-veg club sandwich

The menu has a good selection of coffees, teas and breakfast items, but nothing much for lunch, save a few pastas and a handful of sandwiches. I ordered a non-veg club sandwich, which came with a choice of bacon or chicken, and settled down in a bean bag with a book. Ten minutes later, a double-decker sandwich with fries was placed before me. I’m not a sandwich expert, but I would say that lightly toasted bread slices, packing between them generous layers of mayonnaise and cheese, with a well-done hard-boiled egg and a decent amount of chicken and veggies, constitutes a pretty good club sandwich. The sandwich was large and filling, and I skipped dessert, partly because I didn’t want to go through the whole rigmarole of searching for someone to take my order. Note to cafe: if you’re providing bean bags and other such lethargy-inducing items, customers will be loath to get up from them to place orders, and you should come around and enquire if you’d like them not to be annoyed.

This newly-opened cafe is easy to miss, located next to Forum Value Mall, on the top floor of the building housing Just Books and Ritu Kumar’s boutique. They score quite well on the ambience and the food, and with some bucking up on the service end, this could be a really great hang out to spend a lazy afternoon.

Overall score: 3
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 4
Service: 1.5

3rd floor, Sundari Armadale,
Adjacent To Forum Value Mall,

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